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Clean Streetz

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Program Description

Clean Streetz is an employment opportunity for those who are displaced, on the streets, in shelters, or who may also struggle under the federal poverty line. Our goal to clean the city streets twice a week in order to reduce waste, litter, and keep our community beautiful.

Your support today will help create working opportunities & have an immediate impact on a neighbor in a desperate situation. Your donation will also help provide a fair wage, breakfast, lunch, transportation, and supplies for all workers!

What Do We Offer Individuals?

  • Transportation to clean up sites from the Sparrow's Nest

  • Stipend 12 participants at $10/hr for 3 hours

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Working Materials (Gloves, trash bags, trash grabbers etc.)


What Are Support Opportunities?

  1. Support a Day of Service Crew $420 

  2. Support an Individual daily at ($10/hr at 3hrs) $30

  3. Support a Day for a Supervisor ($15/hr at 4hrs)  $60

  4. Transportation Support $120 monthly

  5. Individual GA ID/Birth Certificates  $30


For other opportunities email us at or call us at (706)549-6693

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