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We Exist to Save Lives

“We Exist to Save Lives.” This is the heartbeat of our ministry. Our goal is to restore people back to their God given purpose and identity in Christ. We believe that Christ is King, we should keep open arms, live wise, grow well, eat last, and always be fishing. As we follow these core principles, it enables us to minister to those who may have been broken, beaten, abused, and stereotyped by the harshness of the world.


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The Sparrow’s Nest is a non-profit, Christ-centered ministry that seeks to change lives through the power of God and nurturing relationships. By creatively meeting the needs of a population at risk, we build trust, which is the doorway to hope and transformation.

Our Mission

Our History

The Sparrow’s Nest was founded in the early 1990s as an outreach ministry of Christ Life Church, formerly Athens Covenant Community. When Christ Life Church was closed, the Sparrow’s Nest became an independent ministry operating through the facilities of several local churches. In 2005, the ministry acquired the current facility at 745 Prince Avenue, which was remodeled for our ministry needs with the help of many local churches and individuals. The ministry center opened in September of 2006.


Our Director

"I believe that if a person can change their thinking, they can change their situations. This could lead to changing their lives. I am a product of this type of change."

Romans 12:2 KJV

- James Scott, Director of the Sparrow's Nest

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